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My podcast (Rootabaga) is finally live

After a full year and a half of starts and stops, spurts and slumps, boasts and excuses, Rootabaga podcast is now finally live on your favorite podcast player. If you are interested in hearing about some of the more creative and interesting expats I’ve met in my 23 years living abroad you'll like Rootabaga.

Follow me as I quit my job in Hong Kong to go on the road to track down musicians, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and assorted colorful characters who chose to call foreign countries home. You’ll find out how Dave Sperling of Dave’s ESL Cafe fame became a pioneer in the world of digital nomads. Joe McPherson talks about Korean ghosts and working with Anthony Bourdain. Hear about an indie rock band of expats who landed a three-album record deal back home. And a bunch of other expats stories that may just inspire you to pack your bags and put down some roots abroad. You’ll also hear some great original music along the way.

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