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Nanping Ancient Village, Anhui, China

A buddy and I visited several of the preserved ancient villages in China’s Anhui Province during Mid-Autumn Festival (2018). The villages are set in the foothills of scenic Yellow Mountain, which is famed for its dramatic rocky crags celebrated in classical Chinese poetry and landscape drawings. Some of the villages are more touristy and crowded than others but they all ooze the ambience of ancient China with their old buildings, crafts, artefacts, and even way of life for some of the locals. Nanping Village is one of the least touristy and most authentic. The village is over 1,000 years old and many of the structures are hundreds of years old. Check it out in the drone video and photos below. Photos from other villages coming soon.

Photos with Sony A7ii and Xiaomi Mix S2 phone

Drone video and aerial shots with DJI Mavic Pro

And now for some drone video.

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